The Museums

I am a note-taker. I get so caught up in what I’m seeing and hearing, and I want to remember it all. I start writing down the interesting facts, and before you know it my notes resemble the actual info boards at the exhibit. Irish history fascinates me, perhpas because it’s a country that’s always been fought over, divided, and used. No one has really left Ireland to her own devices. And yet still she has lead in the production and development of many different industries, and is one of the top contributers to the tech industry.
I’ve seen a fair amount so far, mostly exhibits and tours in museums, so this page is dedicated to those posts. Peruse as you will…. or don’t, I don’t expect you to be quite as interested in the history of medeival Dublin, Bryan Boru, the Book of Kells, the Troubles, and Chester Beatty’s art collection as I was. I will try to be concise. But it is my blog, and I’ll ramble if I want to.


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